Benefits of Ice Cubes for Health and Disease Management

Besides deliciously mixed with sweet tea, ice cubes also have many benefits that are good for health or handling a number of diseases, such as heel pain, insect bites, food poisoning, to arthritis. Check out the review of the benefits of ice cubes in the following article! In the midst of the scorching and arid air in the dry season, there is nothing more delicious than drinking cold drinks mixed with ice cubes. Did you know that the cold carrier of freshness is apparently also useful for "cooling" or alleviating various health conditions? Various Benefits of Ice Cubes for the Body The following are the various benefits of ice cubes in alleviating or alleviating the symptoms or diseases that you feel, namely: Heel pain (plantar fasciitis) Rest and ice packs can help prevent heel pain from becoming more severe. Ice cubes can control inflammation due to excessive activity or pressure on the plantar fascia (connective tissue or ligaments that connect the heel bone to th
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